Consultation in accordance with Chapter 6 Section 4 of the Environmental Code ahead of an application for permission for water activities, Huddinge Gladö

Allbildelar AB, Hökärrsvägen 125, 141 91 Huddinge (org. reg. no. 556164-2710), plans to apply for permission in accordance with Chapter 11 of the Environmental Code for existing and future water activities at the property Gladö 76:7. The plans involve levelling infill and adding clean bulk within part of the wetland on the property. Environmental improvement measures for amphibians are also planned within the property and on neighbouring municipal land.

The aim of this consultation is to provide information about the planned project and gather opinions from those affected at an early stage.

If you have questions or opinions about the plans, please contact Camilla Boberg at Sweco., Phone: 08 69 51 311, Sweco Environment AB, Box 340 44, 100 26 Stockholm.

Your opinions are welcome and can be provided, preferably in writing, until 4 December 2015.


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